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CRPF academy has come long way and developed manifold in its journey of growth. Today, the academy has excellent infrastructure which is used for all round development of trainee officers and also service officers attending various courses here. The training activities at academy not only transform a civilian into a physically tough and mentally robust person, but also instill in him the high values of character building and a since of responsibility. To achieve these objectives, personality development, bonding with colleagues, team building, sportsmanship, social etiquettes and all that goes in the making of a fine well groomed gentleman officer are emphasized during training.

The foundation stone of the Academy was laid on 23rd March 2002 and its Campus is spread over 308 acres of lush green land and proudly possess, a grand parade ground, a 1000 yards Full Bore Shooting Range, (Venue for Common Wealth Games, 2010) a back to back 25/50 Meters ultra-modern Baffle Firing Range, a magnificent Trg/Adm block, multi story hostel for participants / trainees. On the environmental front a lush green presence is all around the camp.

The Credo of CRPF Academy is "तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु”. It has been taken from ancient scripture "Kathaponishad”. Its meaning is "Let brilliance emerge out of our endeavors”.

It is our tireless endeavor to synchronize training and development of Trainees in such a way that they are able to perform optimally in field. Training is basically to keep individual to acquire knowledge and skill for present task. But we have to always keep in mind the training is means to end but not vice versa. Training has to be culminated in change of behavior otherwise it is useless for organization and Trainees as well. At Academy we are trying our best to change the behaviors of new incumbent according to need of organization.

Internal security scenario has acquired complexity requiring professional handling. In keeping with the demands of the emerging IS challenges the Force which has grown in numbers and in terms of modernization of weaponry, equipment and strength. All this had made the requirement of CRPF Academy a necessity to be a Centre of Excellence for training.

Academy has the privilege of hosting the first ever course of FPU, TOT under the aegis of UN in which trainers from 11 countries and trainees from 23 countries have participated.





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