1. 5 ATA course (Anti Terrorism Assositaion) were conducted in collabration with embassy of United states in India.

2. So far, Academy has conduct training releated to UNFPU (UN Formed Police Unit) for representatives of 23 countries.

3. Conduct training for Probationers from CBI, Maharastra Police,SSB on firing module.

4. Academy having own swimming pool, full bore shooting range of international standard.

5. 50 & above Alumnies of CRPF academy have been awarded PPMG and PMG so far.

6. Academy has successfully organized the 7th National Conference of Women in Police from 06/01/2016 to 08/01/2016.

7. Academy Faculty & Staff have been awarded 8 DGs Commandation Disc in 2016.

8. Academy Faculty & Staff have been awarded 6 DGs Commandation Letter in 2016.

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