Zone RAF Sector


1. RAF has entered into 26th year of service this year. This 25 years long journey of Rapid Action Force in the service of the Nation and its citizens has earned the confidence of the National/International community. RAF itself has amassed huge experience in this journey and constantly strengthening its core competency skills. The unceasing requisition from States speaks volumes about the ability, agility, versatility and dependability of the Force in handling conflict situations in different states.

2. The emerging modes of conflict and the contours of internal security clearly indicate that greater challenges are in store for RAF in coming years. RAF will be called upon to perform more complex and diverse roles in tomorrow’s world. RAF often performs the role of effective immediate responder in its AOR before even entry of NDRF teams for the rescue and relief operations during natural calamities/man-made disasters. Similarly, RAF Units by virtue of their disposition in urban centres are expected to play the role as immediate responder before arrival of other forces during terrorist attacks also. Therefore, RAF has to be trained and  geared mentally/ physically to handle these tasks also.

3. Upgrading professional skills, upgradation/induction of eqpts/Veh, training in operational simulations, multi level human rights consciousness and attitudinal orientation of the RAF personnel are some of the immediate priority areas that RAF is working upon. Simultaneously RAF is undertaking task of training various SAARC countries police officials and State Police Forces in upgrading their Anti Riot/Crowd control agencies by conducting training programmes  at RAF Training control/Units.

4. With RAF expected to play a stabilizing role in forthcoming days, it should not only dwell on what it lacks but also on what it possesses in order to strengthen it further, Undoubtedly, today RAF has the capacity and the opportunity to achieve a state of specialisation as a principal anti-riot control Unit. It has already commenced its march in this direction by adding 5 more units and one DIG Range.


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